2015 Board Nominees

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Kyle Ray-Smith – Regional Executive

My Name is Kyle Ray-Smith and I am running for Regional Executive of South Carolina Region SCCA. I have been on the board for almost two years and a constant Autocrosser for 4 years with being the Solo Director for the 2014 season. I also have helped out with the Club Racing Program which is what got me into the SCCA. I hope to have help from other members to help the region continue to grow as a whole

Melanie Murray – Assistant Regional Executive

Melanie MurrayMy name is Melanie Murray and I am running elected as Assistant Regional Executive of SCR-SCCA. After two years as your RE and four years on the board, I look forward to supporting our new Regional Executive in his role and continuing to help our region grow. He and I have some new and exciting ideas for 2015 in all areas of racing and are looking forward to this next year. We shall continue to help this region be successful and put on fun and enjoyable events!

Martin Sanchez – Secretary

Scott Hurley – Treasurer

Scott HurleyI’m running for the position of Treasure of the SCR of the SCCA because I believe in giving back to this sport through volunteering. I’ve been a member of the SCCA for 9 years, competed nationally for 8 years, and have been an autocross instructor for both the SCCA and PCA for the last 5 years as well as a Solo Safety Steward for 4 years (although not currently one). I’ve competed with over 20 different SCCA regions and a half dozen or so organizations over the years and have seen many different ways regions run their events and organizations, learning along the way things that work well and things that don’t. What I’ve taken away is that while there are many ways of running events, no one way is “the right way”, by listening to your own members you can improve the participation at the local level so don’t become locked into your own vision of how it should be but rather be willing to explore and encourage suggestions and new things with the understanding that if it doesn’t work out it’s OK to change back to what worked in the past but at least you were willing to try. The most successful regions always have a core group of volunteers who exude dedication, fun and encouragement and those qualities are what I hope to bring to the SCR by joining the team as your treasure.

Michael Arnold – Member-at-Large

Michael ArnoldMy name is Michael Arnold. I am running for the Member-At-Large position on the 2015 Board Of Directors for the South Carolina Region of the SCCA. I have been a member since 2010 and for a couple of years it was hard for me to help out as much as I wanted to due to a difficult work schedule. That has now changed now, where I have time to dedicate to a great organization.

This position is where I feel I can have the most impact. I want to help move our region forward for the future of our members. This can be done by the encouragement of participation of our current and future members at and away from events, and improving our stewardship with our local communities and sponsors. There are several programs I want to help improve for our members, along with helping the Board Of Directors to ensure that the burden of the work load for our region is not carried on a handful of shoulders.

Matt Carroll – Member-at-Large

Matt CarrollHello everyone! My name is Matt Carroll and I am running for a Member-at-Large position for this year’s board of directors. I have always been a fan of sports car racing but was brought into autocross by Daniel Blakeney. I started autocrossing in the SCR region in 2013 and have attended every event that SCR has put on since then. I have been an active participant in our regions track events working corner stations and helping out teams as much as I can. I also frequently travel to CCR and Buccaneer region events and try to do as much at those events as possible.

In the past few months, I have taken on the responsibilities of timing and scoring as well as maintaining the website. I try to contribute to our region, and the SCCA in general, as much as I possibly can.

The people in the SCR region are the friendliest and most family like people that I have ever been around, which is why I proposed to my fiancé at a Darlington autocross; we both wanted to share that very special day in our lives with those that we both call family.

As a voting member of the board, I would help address issues that are commonplace in our community. There are plenty of things that we as a group can accomplish, and I would like to help further those options. I look forward to serving as an SCR member-at-large.

Ahren Ciotti – Member-at-Large

Ahren CiottiI’m interested in the At Large position so I can begin getting involved with SCR region. In my 6+ years with South Jersey Region as chair and instructor chief of the autocross program I made some of my best lifelong friends and absolutely loved volunteering my time to run the events/help the competitors go faster. I’ve been very impressed by the attitude and professionalism of SCR, it makes me feel right at home to find another organization that values everyone having fun over being ultra competitive all the time and I would love to be a part of that.

Joe Gerdom – Member-at-Large

Joe GerdomAs an at-large member of the South Carolina Region Board of Directors, I will implement my past experiences on other boards to bring a new perspective to the group. I have been a member of the board of trustees of my fraternity for the past three years, responsible for chapter oversight and shaping their future direction. I have been a member of the SCCA for almost 5 years, and during that time have been a member of two regions, and participated in multiple events with four. With each group I’ve had the good fortune to race with, I have observed and learned different tactics and processes that have worked and not worked. I hope to be able to bring those experiences and my enthusiastic perspective to help shape the future of the South Carolina Region. My goals are to put practices into place to help retain as well as attract new members, continue to ensure the health of the Solo II program, and assist in any other matters that come up during my term.

Kelly Mezzapelle – Member-at-Large

Megan RehmI am running for the Board of Directors because I love this club and the people in it, because SCR has a great deal of potential, and because somebody has to do it.

Joe Oliveira – Member-at-Large

Megan Rehm – Swampfox Charleston Chapter Director

Megan RehmHi Guys!! My name is Megan Rehm, and I’m running for the Charleston/Swampfox Chapter Director of the S.C.C.A. South Carolina Region. I am relatively new this region, as my fiancé and I just moved here last year. Prior to that, I was heavily involved in the Rocky Mountain Solo community in Colorado, and was the Member Chairman for the Rocky Mountain BMWCCA chapter, where I managed recruiting and member relations.
From the moment we arrived, everyone in this region has been so incredibly welcoming. I’d love to return the favor and help out in any way I can. I’ve spent the past year working with current Chapter Director, David Dreezer on planning dinners and other member events, and I’m confident that I’d be a perfect fit for the position.