Memorial Monster Time Trial Primer

Date(s) - Saturday, May 26, 2018 - Sunday, May 27, 2018
All Day


Category(ies): No Categories


Cost: $200.00

Entry Cap: 120

Class Registration: Because the rules are currently in a state of flux, you just need to select the “TT Primer” entry and we’ll class you when you check-in per the most recent release of the rules.



Time Trials Nationals Classing and Rules:


What kind of experience do I need? Technically – None, but some is better than none. If you have never been on track before, you may want to get to a Track Night event before you do this just so that you are not overwhelmed with learning it all. And, the general car control you learn from autocross, karting, or Rallycross will help with comfort, too. So if you are a true novice, getting to a few events between now and then is a good idea, but not required.

Will I be on track with people who are a ton more experienced than me? We are going to run this event similar to a Track Night, where we group people by their experience and comfort level so you will be with people who are at your pace and development.

Are there instructors/can I get a ride-along? We will have coaches on site to help with questions and advice and to ensure your experience is best possible. We also will allow drivers to ride with other drivers in the Saturday morning lapping sessions so that folks can get some extra looks at the track or learn a little bit from a buddy (or complete stranger, it’s up to you).

Do I have to have a roll bar? That’s a firm maybe – here’s the skinny, roll bars are needed for:

Convertibles that are older than 2005 AND do not have factory rollover protection
Convertibles that are newer than 2005, have more than 4 cylinders and/or forced induction and do not have factory rollover protection
Any car running in an Unlimited class
Note – Always a good idea to check the specific rules to make sure you are covered or send me what you have and I will let you know.
What class am I in, anyway? Great question. Two potential answers:

You can see the proposed Time Trials Nationals Rules here, but don’t go too deep because there is an update coming on Thursday.
It really doesn’t matter.
I like answer #2 a lot better. We will have some prizes for the class winners, but the event focus is much more about you challenging yourself, developing skills and having #funwithcars.

Got a question? Ask!