South Carolina Regions First 2016 Street Survival Class for Teens.

Date(s) - Sunday, August 14, 2016
All Day




20% of deaths among vehicle passengers of all ages occur while a teenager is driving.

At the one-day Tire Rack Street Survival school, you will gain valuable skills to improve your driving techniques. You won’t just sit in a classroom listening to a boring lecture; you will be behind the wheel, driving through real-world exercises.

Check with the local registrar ahead of time to find out about the facilities. The classroom may be outdoors as well and you should be prepared for whatever the weather may be that day — bring sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, etc. as you feel necessary for the sunny days. If your local forecast calls for rain or cooler temperatures, be prepared with an umbrella and warm clothing. The Tire Rack Street Survival schools occur rain or shine. In fact, rain helps some of the exercises.

Your parents may want to bring a comfortable chair to sit outside to watch the activities, or possibly even have a good book in case they tire of watching the activities. Some of the schools may need extra help. If interested in volunteering, your parents should contact the school registrar and let them know they are interested in helping with the school.